11 Theories with other simple gauge groups

We have spent so many pages to study 𝒩=2 gauge theories with gauge group SU(2). In this section we move on to the analysis of larger gauge groups. We will first study SU(N) gauge theories in some detail, and then go on to the case SO(2N). We also analyze the Argyres-Douglas CFTs obtained from these gauge theories, and show that they are given by the theories XN and Y N introduced in Sec. 10.5. We close the section by briefly mentioning the Seiberg-Witten solutions to theories with other gauge groups in Sec. 11.6.

The curves that will be presented in this section might not be in the form most commonly found in the older literature. The relation between them would also be explained in Sec. 11.6.

 11.1 Semiclassical analysis
 11.2 Pure SU(N) theory
  11.2.1 The curve
  11.2.2 Infrared gauge coupling matrix
 11.3 SU(N) theory with fundamental flavors
  11.3.1 Nf = 1
  11.3.2 General number of flavors
 11.4 SO(2N) theories
  11.4.1 Semi-classical analysis
  11.4.2 Pure SO(2N) theory
  11.4.3 SO(2N) theory with flavors in the vector representation
 11.5 Argyres-Douglas CFTs
  11.5.1 Pure SU(N) theory
  11.5.2 SU(N) theory with two flavors
  11.5.3 Pure SO(2N) theory
  11.5.4 Argyres-Douglas CFTs and the Higgs branch
 11.6 Seiberg-Witten solutions for various other simple gauge groups