4 Seiberg-Witten solution to pure SU(2) theory

We are finally prepared enough to start the analysis of the simplest of non-Abelian 𝒩=2 supersymmetric theory, namely the pure SU(2) gauge theory. We mainly follow the presentation of the original paper [2], except that we use the Seiberg-Witten curve in the form first found in [21], which is more suited to the generalization later.

 4.1 One-loop running and the monodromy at infinity
 4.2 Behavior in the strongly-coupled region
 4.3 The Seiberg-Witten solution
  4.3.1 The curve
  4.3.2 The monodromy M
  4.3.3 The monodromies M±
 4.4 Less supersymmetric cases
  4.4.1 𝒩=1 system
  4.4.2 Pure bosonic system
 4.5 SU(2) vs SO(3)