10 Argyres-Douglas CFTs

In this section, we come back to the observation made at the end of Sec. 5.2 that there is a very singular point of the Coulomb branch of the Nf = 1 theory. We study the physics at that point and its generalizations.

 10.1 Nf = 1 theory and the simplest Argyres-Douglas CFT
 10.2 Argyres-Douglas CFT from the Nf = 2 theory
 10.3 Argyres-Douglas CFT from the Nf = 3 theory
 10.4 Summary of rank-1 theories
  10.4.1 Argyres-Douglas CFTs from SU(2) with flavors
  10.4.2 Exceptional theories of Minahan-Nemeschansky
  10.4.3 Newer rank-1 theories
 10.5 More general Argyres-Douglas CFTs: XN and Y N