UNOFFICIAL guidelines for the JSPS DC fellowship application in English

(by Koichi Hamaguchi. Last update: April 2023)

(April 2023)
An English version of the Application Guideline for JSPS DC fellowship is now available on the official JSPS website!

This unofficial page is probably no longer needed, but let me keep it up for a while, just in case.

(Note: The information on this page is for the JSPS DC fellowship (for doctor students); for the JSPS PD fellowship (postdoc), see, e.g., this and this pages.)

1. Overview and Eligibility

First of all, check the overview of the JSPS DC fellowship and the eligibility on this page. (Note that some of the information there may not be updated. )

This Q&A page by JSPS may also be helpful.

2. Preparation

3. Application documents

There are three parts: (1) the applicant's information, (2) the application file (the main part), and (3) the evaluation document (to be submitted by your supervisor).

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions on this page, please contact Koichi Hamaguchi.